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Swimming Pool & Water Jet
Jet Swim is the perfect accessory for exercise, fitness and fun.
The heat pump makes use of energy from the air, is efficient and economical with energy, easy to install and occupies only a small space by the pool. It is equipped with a scroll compressor for optimum efficiency, minimal vibration and long life. The R407C refrigerant is environmentally compatible and biodegradable. The casing is made of stainless steel and the condenser, the heat exchanger of the pool, is made of titanium. The heat pump is installed outdoors, and is connected directly on the return pipe of the pool.
Jet Swim is the perfect accessory for exercise, fitness and fun. With a Jet Swim installed in the pool the training effect is that of a much larger pool. By swimming "on the spot" in the pool you can train and practice your swimming technique at the same time building up your strength and endurance. Jet Swim also functions as a massage and rehabilitating muscle trainer. Of course, the children also love to bathe in the invigorating, bubbling current of water which can be varied in strength.